What is Snapshot?

Snapshot provides users with a secure and an up-to-date coin’s blockchain, saving time in synchronising their wallets, since the verification of each block is not needed, nor reindexing the blockchain from zero or where it was last left.

The snapshot is created daily and obtained from a clean coin's wallet that is synchronised from scratch. It is delivered in a compressed file (two formats are available: tgz and zip) that contains the necessary folders for a successful wallet synchronisation.

To ensure the received snapshot comes from the original source, the SHA256 hash of the compressed file is provided. In addition, two days of backup are available for download.

Note: the Merge coin is used for the demonstration of Snapshot. The screenshots show the contents in English. However, the service is provided on Project Merge’s website in at least ten different languages.

How to use it

From Project Merge’s website, access our portfolio of coins using Snapshot:

i. Choose Merge

Once in there, choose Merge to access Merge's Snapshot (direct link:

ii. Backup your wallet

If opened, close your Merge wallet, and make a backup of your coin’s data folder. The default location of the folder is indicated below:

Note: It is a good practice to back up your wallet periodically. Learn how on our Wallet guide.

iii. Remove old blockchain files

Go to your coin’s data folder and delete the following directories and files, if they exist:

Folders: – blocks – chainstate – sporks – zerocoin

Files: – banlist.dat – peers.dat

Do not delete anything else. Find below a screenshot of your coin’s data folder:

iv. Unzip and restart

Back on Merge's Snapshot site, click on Download Now and download the latest snapshot available.

Unzip the downloaded file and move the unzipped folders and files over into your coin’s data folder.

You can now open your wallet and let it start synchronising from the date the snapshot was created.

Get Snapshot for your coin

With the features it offers, Snapshot becomes a time saver tool for those users who do not wish to spend hours, or days, synchronising their wallets.

Merge has a professional development team that helps other projects and teams set-up and manage Snapshot for their cryptocurrencies. We provide competitive pricing and quick response to any support issues.

Find out more at:

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