Swap Introduction

The Swap to Merge phase has ended - Swap Stats.

What is a coin swap?

A coin swap is the mechanism employed to move cryptocurrencies from one blockchain to another at a predetermined rate. As the coins on the initial blockchain may be incompatible with the new one, it becomes necessary to initiate a swap to carry users from the old blockchain to the new one.

Source: https://en.bitcoinwiki.org/wiki/Coin_Swap

Why swapping to Merge?

The focus of Merge is more than just the value of a coin. It's a PROJECT. Merge will achieve many use cases once it’s established. In fact, the objective of Merge is to utilize all known use cases and create many that are unknown.

Phase 1's objective is to swap communities in the search of skills and talent. Merge wants to build many teams that focus on ideas for world use cases of blockchain technology and make them a reality.

Some other questions regarding this:

  • I have no skills nor talents. That is what Merge is searching for. Can I swap? All individuals are welcome to make up, help create and be a part of the Merge community and vision. Everyone is amazing in his or her own way and everyone has something to offer to the Merge community. The vision of Merge thinks of its community more like a small city, where everyone is welcome and has their little niche in it. Our ecosystem and sandboxes will have many positions available to assist the community that do not require specific skill sets or talents. The swap opportunity is simply offering a chance to be a part of an active community enjoying the experience.

  • Should I swap? It's entirely up to you and/or your community. Your choice is optional; you remain in full control of your investment. Merge is offering the swap as an opportunity to help others that found themselves in the same situation as the coin communities you belong to at this time.

  • If I do not swap, what will happen to my coin? If your community is in control of your coins, GitHub repository and they force a mandatory swap to dedicate the repository for Merge use, your coin will have further development. Alternatively, If your community is or is not in control of your coins, GitHub repository and do not force a mandatory swap, your coin will continue to run as normal.

  • The development team of the coin I own may return. Why swap?

    Although there is always a chance that may happen, you or your community may want to reconsider the reasons why you would want to stay if there had been an extended leave of absence from your coin's development team. The Merge team is very active and involved. At the very least with any coin community you should be given periodic updates and the team should communicate with the community when asked upon. Merge cares about the community first!

  • Why should my community swap and not continue our community takeover? We encourage your community to do whatever they feel would be in their best interest. However, there are known facts and many hurdles to overcome once a community takes over a coin. Issues may arise such as lack of marketing, or business development or even conflicts of interest of the continued vision of the coin's original purpose. Your community may lack the funds or use case necessary to move forward. Merge is providing an opportunity to be a part of a much larger community and the ability by working together to overcome these problems.

  • Our community takeover is a success. Why swap to Merge?

    Merge is an opportunity to work together with people just like yourselves. Like minded individuals and those of the management team at Merge see it better for all to link arms, share ideas, talents and resources while working together to assist each other in making all our ideas possible.

  • Another coin approached us with the same offer. Why should we swap to Merge?

    A question like this is entirely up to the decision of your community. Merge offers a stable and equal swap opportunity for all the communities it approaches or those who approach Merge. Merge provides all the information needed about what it offers to assist you and your community to make an informed decision.

  • Should our community vote to determine if we should swap?

    It would be advisable to seek the opinions of your community members to understand the support or lack thereof that you’d be bringing to the Merge ecosystem and collaborative team.

  • I'm in a community takeover and our leader does not want to swap. What do I do? Merge will not swap a coin with an active developer or admin without their involvement, it is their project. The management team of Merge would suggest you reach out to the powers that be with your coin and express an interest or open a dialogue about the opportunity to partner up / swap with Merge. However, the decisions of the powers that be with your coin are those of your coin. Merge will be available for purchase through the normal courses of trade transactions through the exchange we list on.

  • What is the required number of members in a community that allow us to swap?

    Currently there is no set number of members needed to allow a swap; however, Merge reserves the right to establish priority protocols if other communities show greater interest from their membership base than that of your coin's community.

  • What happens to a community after they swap? The members that swapped for Merge are now members of the Merge community. The original coin and its community continue to perform as they normally would but with possibly less members and less available coins that are spendable. The original coins that have been used in the swap to Merge are sent to a burn address and are no longer available to be spent.

Who is in charge at Merge? Whom do I talk to about my community swapping?

No one specific is in charge at Merge. Merge consists of a Core team of many individuals dedicated to guiding the community. Merge incorporates many aspects and benefits of a Community based crypto coin by utilizing the benefits of a corporate infrastructure. Merge will have a management team with support members along with proposals submitted by its community members. Should you need to discuss with someone about the swap, please use our Contact section to reach out to us using any of the available channels. A Merge Core member will contact you and help guide you and your community through the swap process.

Where can I find the Swap Opt In page?

You can find the link once you have logged in or created an account at https://projectmerge.org/signup

What are the names of the coins Merge is swapping?

We cannot reveal the names of the coins that are being swapped to help prevent manipulation. When a coin's swap date, calculation and ratio have been locked in, we will announce the name. Otherwise, it is what we call giving a "crypto shopping list". If we were to release a list of coins being swapped to Merge, everyone will know exactly which coins to purchase. We want to keep this swap process fair for everyone.

Those coins that have already been announced can be seen at page Coins Swapped.

How long will the swap to Merge last?

The swap to Merge will last 60 days, starting on 18th January 2019. Three blocks of coins will be offered to be swapped during this period:

  • First block: from 18th January 2019 to 15th February 2019.

  • Second block: from 1st February 2019 to 1st March 2019.

  • Third block: from 15th February 2019 to 15th March 2019.

We have no control of our Discord or community chat site. What do we do?

It would be advisable that you create a discord channel for your community as that is one of the prerequisites for swapping to Merge. Merge cannot swap your coin without knowing and having a form of communication to your community.

We have a Telegram chat or other type of chat but do not have a Discord...

Although Telegram is a popular means of communicating with coin communities, Merge’s primary source of communication is through Discord. It would be advisable that you create a Discord channel for your community as that is one of the prerequisites for swapping to Merge. Merge cannot swap your coin without knowing and having a form of communication to your community.

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