What is Merchandise?

Merchandise is our online shop service, where users can purchase items of a given cryptocurrency, items such as hoodies and T-shirts.

These items are offered in different sizes and a wide number of colours. They can be sent as a gift and anywhere in the globe.

As an example, the following is the online store for the Merge coin:

Merchandise for your coin

The service is powered by Apparel Junction, a corporation with extensive experience in online shopping with worldwide delivery options.

In an agreement with Apparel Junction, we offer cryptocurrencies the option to sell their merchandise by providing their own online store under the following terms:

Add your items in Apparel Junction and, in turn, your profits will be used to buy your coin on an exchange, driving the price up from the “buy orders” book. The coins purchased will be sent to your project’s budget.


  • No listing fees. Add your products without any entry costs.

  • 50% of the profits goes to Apparel Junction to cover their costs.

  • 40% of the profits are used to buy your coins on an exchange within Birake’s network (for example, MergeDEX). These coins will be sent to your project’s budget.

  • 10% of the profits are used to buy MERGE on the exchange. These coins will be sent to Merge’s budget.


  • If your coin is not listed on an exchange within Birake’s network, then a minimum of $200 will have to be generated before trading on an exchange. We reserve the right to trade on any exchange where your coin is available.

  • If you wish to list your coin on MergeDEX, we offer different options to get your coin on the exchange, including our support to get listed via our Coin Listing Program. Learn more at DEX Coin Listing.

Order your online store

Get an online store for your coin by contacting us via the following email address:

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