What is Hosting?

Hosting is the service that hosts masternodes of supported cryptocurrencies.

Masternode owners greatly benefit from this service thanks to its safety, reliability and cost, as the service runs with Tokenomics. This means they get masternode hosting by locking MERGE tokens in our registered escrow, and get the tokens back once the service period ends.

The period for hosting a masternode is determined prior to using the service, and it can be renewed when both the masternode owner and hosting provider wish to extend the agreement.


  1. Safe: We take care of the server side, you hold your coins at all times. This way your coins are never at risk while running your masternode and receiving the corresponding rewards.

  2. Reliable: Our dedicated servers, advanced configurations and fast Internet guarantees excellent quality of service. We protect our servers carefully from any possible threats that could compromise the proper functioning of the masternodes.

  3. Innovative: You run your masternodes by simply locking MERGE tokens in our Escrow Service. You get these tokens back once the service agreement ends. Learn more about Tokenomics.

How does it work?

  1. Start by visiting our Hosting page:

  2. Choose a coin from the list provided. Note that the service duration is indicated for each coin offered. Ensure you have the corresponding collateral to run a masternode for that coin.

  3. For the tokens that you will lock in escrow, you are asked to choose a deposit channel. We provide one for deposits using cryptocurrencies, and another for deposits in USD.

  4. Follow the instructions on the selected deposit channel to send the amount that is indicated there. The amount credited is locked by our escrow service as MERGE tokens, securing this way the use of the service.

  5. Once the deposit is confirmed, the hosting provider will inform you about the setup of the masternode for the coin you selected, providing with the necessary steps to run it and start receiving masternode rewards.

  6. Once the service period ends, the service can be renewed when both the service provider and yourself are willing to continue with the agreement. In any other case, you get back the MERGE tokens that were locked by the escrow.

Get Hosting

Visit our Hosting page and choose your coins in order to start getting your masternodes hosted with Merge:

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