Two types of compensation are provided to the Merge team. These can be categorized into two phases:

Pre-launch Phase

Covers the period between the foundation of Merge, by the end of June 2018, and the day Merge's coin was released on the mainnet, by the end of December 2018.

For this period, the team agreed to compensate, with Merge masternodes, the effort of those colleagues who started from the very beginning and actively contributed in the project. Then, those colleagues who joined in the middle of that process were agreed to receive a monthly salary in MERGE.

The total amount of Merge masternodes to grant were never going to exceed the allowance the team set for them, which was a total of 100 masternodes (1,000,000 MERGE, which was the same given to the swapped coins of Priority Sequences A and C). In the end, only 55 masternodes were granted and the remaining allowance stayed as part of the Main Budget.

The mentioned masternodes were granted soon after Merge's coin was born. However, the team decided to lock them during one year to show the community the team's compromise towards the success of Merge. Moreover, locking those masternodes helped supporting the coin's network during the first weeks and the Swap to Merge event.

Post-launch Phase

Covers the period after Merge's coin was released on the mainnet, from the end of December 2018 onwards.

For this period, the team agreed on a monthly compensation for those colleagues who further contribute with the development of Merge.

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