What is Merge Tokenomics about?

Merge Tokenomics is the concept that allows consumers to use services by locking up their capital in our private, secure and registered escrow during the period they use these services. At the same time, service providers get paid for their work thanks to the passive income Merge generates with the capital borrowed from the consumers.

At the end of the service agreement, consumers get their capital back, having been able, in turn, to use the services they needed during a predetermined period of time.

Who pays the service providers?

Merge Blockchain Development Group (Merge BCDG USA LLC) is a corporation registered in USA that acts as the trusted third-party (escrow) between consumers and service providers. This corporation is in charge of protecting the capital from the consumers and paying the providers for the services they deliver.

How does Merge BCDG pay the service providers?

Merge BCDG pays the service providers by generating MERGE rewards with the capital consumers lock. Merge BCDG obtains these rewards by either staking the coin or setting up MERGE masternodes. When the capital was lent in USD, Merge BCDG converts it first into MERGE in order to generate the corresponding rewards for the providers.

The corporation uses all those rewards to pay the service providers without charging any fees or commissions.

How can I start using a service?

Choose a service and follow the steps that are indicated. This involves the locking a predetermined amount of your capital. The deposit can be made through two different channels:

  • From the USA-registered corporation, Merge Blockchain Development Group (Merge BCDG), for payments in USD.

  • From our crypto payment gateway, for payments with cryptocurrencies.

As soon as the deposit is made, the corresponding service provider will contact you to proceed with the service setup.

How long can I use a service?

Each service provider sets the time period for a service to be used. This is, usually, on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

When the service's end period approaches, both the service provider and yourself will have the opportunity to negotiate the renewal of the service. If both sides wish to continue, the service renews automatically for another cycle.

What happens with the capital I lent once I stop using a service?

The capital you lent is entirely returned to you. If you did send USD, this time you get MERGE coins (tokens) back, being free to decide whether to exchange them for another coin or keep them as they are.

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