What is Explorer?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can explore the complete blockchain of any coin by using their dedicated explorer. Explorer is a tool that provides information on the contents of individual blocks and transactions that are found in a coin’s blockchain. Transactions are available to everyone and with this they are transparent and incorruptible.

Note: the Merge coin is used for the demonstration of Explorer. The screenshots show the contents in English. However, the service is provided on Project Merge’s website in at least five different languages.


From Project Merge’s website, access our portfolio of coins using Explorer: https://explorers.projectmerge.org

Once in there, choose Merge to access Merge Explorer (direct link: https://explorer.projectmerge.org). The next screen is presented:

Find below the explanation of the features offered by Explorer:

i. Top Menu

A – Explorer: A Blockchain Explorer for a cryptocurrency is a web application where blockchain blocks and their contents can be queried and viewed. This includes the transactions associated to each block and the addresses involved in each transaction. In this page, the latest MERGE transactions and their corresponding block numbers are listed and linked to detailed pages for more information.

B – Movement: This page lists the latest MERGE transactions that involved a large amount of coins being transacted. Used to track where big volume of Merge coins goes.

C – Masternodes: This page lists all masternode addresses currently seen on the MERGE network.

D – Network: This page shows to which Merge wallet version the different wallets are connecting to. It is also used to obtain the list of nodes Explorer is connecting to in order to retrieve the blockchain information it shows on its site. These nodes are the latest wallets that have been connected to a specific wallet version in the last 24 hours.

E – Top 100: This page shows the top 100 MERGE addresses with the highest amount of coins. Used to track the wealth distribution and status of the largest wallets, like for example the MERGE premine.

F – API: This page lists the API calls Explorer provides to allow users and/or applications to retrieve information from the MERGE network without the need for a local wallet.

G – Language selector: This drop down menu offers different languages to choose from in order to view Explorer.

ii. Statistics

H – Masternodes: It shows the number of Merge masternodes that are currently running as well as the number of them that are not.

I – Coin Supply: It shows the total amount of Merge coins that are currently available in the market.

J – Difficulty: It shows the hardness with which a new block of transactions can be connected to Merge’s blockchain.

K – Height: It shows the the number of blocks that have already been created in Merge’s blockchain.

L – Connections: It shows the number of nodes Explorer is connected to.

M – Search bar: The search bar helps users finding the details of old and new blocks, transactions and MERGE addresses in a fast manner. It accepts the following entry points: block height, block hash, transaction IDs and MERGE addresses. It is usually the most used feature of Explorer.

Get Explorer for your coin

Merge has a professional development team that helps other projects and teams set-up and manage Explorer for their cryptocurrencies. We provide competitive pricing and quick response to any support issues.

Find out more at: https://mergebcdg.com/product/explorer

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