What is Radio?

Radio is the service that provides radio stations to teams that wish to stream audio content to their communities. This brings to blockchain-oriented projects, and also to non-blockchain ones, a great opportunity to share audio content of different types, such as podcasts, talks and debates. It also opens ways of earning money with the offering of commercials and promotions of other projects. And it can be a space of entertainment with programs and music that can be played with this service, that is fully hosted by Merge and running 24/7.

As an example, find below Merge Radio, the station that plays blockchain-related music and has the projection of hosting talks and games, and sharing podcasts and Merge's news, as well as announcing commercials from partners and other projects.

Try it out now:

Get your radio station

The radio stations are powered by Centova Cast, and hosted by Bitcoin Stacks Radio.

With the collaboration of Bitcoin Stacks Radio, we help other cryptocurrencies and projects to have their own radio station, which includes the following features:

  • Hosting

  • Site management

  • 5 DJ logins

  • 5GB of MP3 storage

  • 250 simulcasted listeners

  • Discord live stream

Teams using this service will only need to manage the content their radio station should play, leveraging them from all technical aspects while sharing audio streams with their communities.

Request your radio station at:

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