To buy MERGE, one can use any of the exchanges listed on links. Notice that the exchanges trading MERGE usually use only one of the chains we support.


MERGE is available on its own blockchain (Mainnet) and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

In order to move MERGE across these chains, we will provide with a bridge tool that will safely perform such transitions (coming soon).


MERGE addresses under this chain start with the letter 'M'. Coins bought over the Mainnet can be moved to a personal Wallet, RocketBot or any other services that use this chain.


Receiving Proof-of-Stake (PoS) rewards using Merge's wallet will depend on two factors:

  1. Number of coins being staked. The more they are, the more chances to receive PoS rewards.

  2. Age of the coins being staked. The longer the coins have been staked, the more increases the probability to receive PoS rewards.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

MERGE addresses under this chain start with the letters '0x'. Coins bought over the BSC can be moved to BEP-20 compatible wallets and services, such as MetaMask and Trust Wallet.

To access our token on BSC, the following contract address must be used: 0x2D5c9167fDd5c068c8fcB8992e6Af639b42FBf70

Liquidity Locked

To ensure the longevity of the project and trust towards the team at Merge, part of the liquidity pool at the Binance Smart Chain is locked during at least one year (time of writing this section: August 2021). This can be proved and monitored on our profile page at


Merge's coin has a premine of 33,000,000 MERGE.

Two budgets were initially created with the premine, the Swap and Main budgets, which we explain below.

The premine as a whole is not used by Merge to increase income via PoS nor masternodes. However, the Merge team can use the MERGE they receive as compensation (from the Main Budget) the way they decide it is best.

Track the premine. Note: 20,000 MERGE from the Main Budget were initially used to setup 2 masternodes that supported the network.

View the current status of the budget.

Swap Budget

It allocated 23,000,000 MERGE that was used to swap abandoned coins to Merge. Read more about swapping to Merge at Swap to Merge.

Track the Swap Budget (during swap period).

The swaps were active for a limited period of time. After that period, the remaining MERGE from the Swap Budget were time-locked for the next five years into sixty new MERGE addresses.

Each of the sixty addresses represents a month, being the first one for July 2019 and the last for June 2024. This way, each address is used as a monthly budget that funds community proposals for Merge and the payment of marketing, business, community and development related tasks. The amount not spent in a month is moved to the next month available after June 2024.

Track the Swap Budget (after swap period).

Main Budget

Allocates 10,000,000 MERGE and is used to cover the costs for the continuous development of Merge. This involves the core team's remuneration.

The Main Budget started in one concrete address. Then it was moved to different ones until it got fixed into one, which can be tracked here. Note: 20,000 MERGE from the premine were already used to setup two masternodes that supported the network.

Block Rewards

Merge's coin block rewards is estimated to last during ten years from the genesis date, that is, until the end of 2028. After that, all payouts will cease unless any consensus change states otherwise.

By the time the exponential decrease starts, block rewards will decrease in variable intervals, being the longest 197 days.

See Merge's coin block rewards at

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