What is Rocket?

Rocket is the bot that introduces a whole new spectrum of user feasibility for cryptocurrencies.

This specialized bot bridges the divide between cryptocurrencies and mainstream social media. With Rocket, users can deposit, send, exchange and airdrop cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Doge and Merge, as well as subscribe to news and tip community members, all from their social media platforms and without the need for a personalized wallet.


Rocket serves as your user-friendly personal assistant by maintaining your social media activity.

  1. Wallet: Rocket provides each user with a personal, universal native wallet capable of storing more than 10 different cryptocurrencies.

  2. Instant Deposits and Withdrawals: Rocket users have access to instant deposits and withdrawals through their social media accounts.

  3. Fees: Rocket users do not incur any deposit and exchange fees. Withdrawals are subject to fees incurred by the blockchains of each respective cryptocurrency.

  4. Secure Exchange: Users can send and receive cryptocurrencies with an ease of mind. Rocket serves as a secure intermediary and provides safeguards against possible frauds.

  5. Security: Protect your social media accounts against fraudulent users with Rocket’s captcha system.

  6. Specific Features: Users may command Rocket to do a variety of tasks such as sending tips, providing airdrops and giveaways, checking on current market conditions and many more.


Rocket works by integrating itself into your social media platforms. The current version of the bot can be integrated on your Discord servers. Install Rocket on Discord.

How does it work?

Learn how to use Rocket by accessing its official documentation page:

Coin Listing

Apply to get your coin listed on Rocket. The service offers a payment using Merge Tokenomics, which brings a huge benefit since the payment is returned back to you after the service period ends. Learn more about Merge Tokenomics.